Writing and quote tattoo ideas are the ultimate solution for you who want to body paint without looking too fierce with large sketches. The idea itself has been widely known among teens and adults because they find it very relatable to their life. Some people have done this kind of tattoo to remind a special moment in their lives, while some chose to go with quoting tattoo to be used as a supportive message and to represent who they really are. It is recommended to write down something that is meaningful rather than a name of your current idol or couple. Check out our gallery for inspirations!

Writing and quote tattoo ideas

There can’t be any better idea to capture a moment by stuffing ink in skin. To show off bravery while still looking elegant, women’s tattoos ideas quotes are what have been very favorable for females. Having a tattoo done on their bodies has been a cool idea; to go with something meaningful and motivational is going to give them one more plus point. Generally, women’s word tattoos represent their true personality or a memorable event in their lives. What makes it much more unique than the other types of tattoo is the less chance of getting the same image. Check out our gallery for inspirations!