Being Capricorn, being born under the planet of Saturn, or simply because being born between the period of December 22 until January 19; most of them are associated with being stubborn, loyal, hard work, ambition, and high dedication to their goals. Linked with the character of introvert and serious, theoretically it’s awkward to lift up the matter of making tattoo practice to the Capricorn peoples.

Yet theory is just a theory. Being born and signed as a Capricorn don’t mean that the particular theory of behavior must always occur. Even if it does, being serious wouldn’t and shouldn’t hold back a particular Capricorn for following the practice. Tattoo making is being performed in many different reasons. Sometimes it is plain fashion accessories, or just for adventures.

But most of times, because this practice of body transformation is permanent and would remain for the rest of the life, the reason chosen behind tattoo practices would be a lot more deeper; sentimental reason, for example, or life vows, could also be culture or religion based. Because normally tattoos are self identical, it’s highly rational if the tattoo designs are based on astrological principle. So, being cold and thoughtful doesn’t mean that is illogical to start searching for Capricorn Tattoo Designs.

Before choosing a pattern or design, first thing first of course always to understanding one’s reason to make the horoscope tattoo. Would it be a vow to keep loyal to the trait of the Capricorn? Or praise to the birth time maybe? Or perhaps just for a simple self-expression? Understanding the horoscope itself also is an important thing to be noted. The Capricorn Tattoo Designs usually based on the elements of Capricorn sign, whether it’s the symbol, or the ruling planet, or goat as the traditional mythical animal of the Capricorn. It’s all depending on the person her/himself.

The symbol of the Capricorn zodiac is simpler to become a tattoo design; it also would be perfect for girls or as a person’s first tattoo. Yet the symbol itself is not easily recognizable, if self-expression is behind the reason of the tattoo practice. For this, the ruling planet, Saturn, could be used as the Capricorn Tattoo Designs. Or if there’s a little bit of adventurous feeling, the more popular symbol of the zodiac, the mythical animal, could be used as a tattoo design. Either it’s the usual goat, or the half-fish, half-goat that’s according to another interpretation.