If today you are planning to have tattoo on your body, consider choosing clowning tattoos. Actually, clowns poke fun at human imperfections and faults while bring up tears or laughter. It is typically represented by an awkward person with bizarre make up and jokey antics. Image of clowns provide smiles to the faces of people around them. You can show to your family and friend that you are not joking with your colorful tattoo.



Today, clowns are also known as jesters. Jesters are entertainers who were grouped with lower class and poverty stricken society. They wore distinctive clothing and hobolike to draw attention for themselves. Providing a medieval jester tattoo design on the part of your body can be represented with full clown body or a clown head. Full clown body can be completed with a multicolored, floppy, and three pointed hat with bells at the end of each point.

You can design your own tattoo or looking for inspiration of Clown Tattoo Designs from internet. You may have as much  as you want.  Give respect for your favorite card game by having clown bursting through jester card. This will make the clown appear to break of the card. The clown will look like come off from your body. Of course it will provide 3D effect


Goofy Clown

Traditionally, clowns are symbolic of humor and goofiness. Why don’t you take a light hearted approach for your new tattoo? If you are into clowning, you can have your face painted as clown on your arm. Then, you can also complete it with your clown name. This will give your personalized effect.

If you find your significant other as clown, you can also have their clown face tattooed. Tattoo your wedding date and memorable date underneath. It is important to remember that you must stick with your own style when choosing Amazing Clown Tattoo Designs. For example, if you are a simple person, choosing a brush stroked tattoo style is a good option for you.