Small tattoo ideas – Tattoo has several meaning for each person who stuck it on their body. Tattoo can be the symbol of something or the characteristic of the owner that has specific meaning. Tattoo can be made in small to big size based on everyone’s needs. For some of you who willing to make first tattoo, it is better if you make it in small. There are some cute small tattoo ideas you can make on your hand. You can create small swallow in blue color as the symbol of freedom, cross sign to symbolize your religion or you can diamond as the symbol of happiness.

Cute Small Toe Tattoo Ideas

For you who want to be tattooed, but you hesitate to make the biggest one and on the crucial body area, you can try to make cute and small toe tattoo ideas. This is quite smart and unique tattoo, because it is unseen tattoo which is located on the very bottom side of your body. There are lots of cute tattoo designs you can make. For the woman, you can make diamond tattoo as the symbol of happiness. Moreover, you can also create dragonfly with blue color on your toe. The other gorgeous tattoo idea is that purple ribbon ion your toe.