Dragon Tattoo

Dragon comes from Greek word, “derkein,” that can be described as snake. It was translated to Latin word, “draco,” that means “giant snake.”

We might have seen or heard many stories about dragon from movies or books, but it seems never turns out into its existence. However, dragon has proved its existence itself through human fantasy.

Dragon is described as a mighty power creature that usually becomes a guardian of temple, treasure or shrines. So, it might be one of the reasons dragon tattoo becomes an inspiration for tattoo design.

Dragon tattoo can be applied both for men and women. It is very common for men to have dragon tattoo as representative of raw power. For women? It can give more self- confidence for women.

Most of us might be did not realise, there are differences type of dragon from different places. For example, Chinese dragon which be claimed as a true dragon has five claws. Japanese dragon or known as Ryujin, has four claws and Vietnamese dragons has just three claws. There are many more differences with dragon from every country.

It doesn’t matter what makes you want dragon tattoo in your body, but surely it will give you more powerful statement about yourself. It can show people who see you your true power and characteristics.

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