Half sleeve tattoo designs for men with the religious symbol are getting more and more popular nowadays. After the design of dragon, the tribal, and also the Aztec theme, the religious symbol is becoming one nice option that many men can try for the sleeve tattoo design. If you also want to try this kind of design for your half sleeve tattoo, then you might want to try the example below for your consideration.

The first example is the picture of Jesus. This kind of tattoo is considerably common. However, you can put the picture of Jesus in some ways. The first one is focusing on the face only, so that your arm will full of Jesus’ face. Or else, you can simply get the full body of Jesus for your half sleeve tattoo design. Both of those ideas of using Jesus as the half sleeve tattoo designs for men can be a nice religious symbol that you can have. Besides the picture of Jesus, you can also try the praying hands or angels. Both things are considerably nice if you want to put the religious symbol on your arm. The praying hands can be the reflection of people who always pray while the angels can be considered as the guardian from heaven that will always help you.

If you think that those designs are a little bit complicated, then you can simply try the cross. For your information, there are a lot of designs of cross that you can try for the half sleeve tattoo design. You can pick the small one or the big one, the simple one or the complicated one, the colorful one or the black and white one. The choice is all up to you. So, will you try the religious symbol as the half sleeve tattoo designs for men?