Koi fish tattoo sleeve is not very popular in the western area. However, it turns out that this kind of fish is very famous on the Asian region, especially in China and Japan. For your information, the Koi fish is actually coming from the area of Persia, but it turns out that Japan and China are the countries that are considered as the owner of this kind of fish. That is because in the Chinese and Japanese legend, the Koi fish is the symbol of the luck. As an addition, this kind of fish also symbolizes bravery and strength because of the Koi itself that is considered as a brave fish. Therefore, it is something common to find the old soldier of Japan and China with this kind of tattoo on their arms.

For your information, in the Japanese and Chinese tradition, the color of the fish is something that symbolizes the member of the family. This kind of thing also applied for the color of the koi fish tattoo sleeve. Black is the color for the father. Red and orange is the color for the mother. Blue and white is the color for the son. The last but not least, red and pink is for the color of the daughter.

Because of the hidden meaning behind the fish, many Japanese and Chinese people are having this kind of fish for their tattoo. In fact, there will always be a sketch of a Koi fish on every store where you can have the tattoo, even on the western region. However, the sketch is considerably limited because of the different culture of the western and eastern, especially Japan and China. However, if you have a line of Chinese or Japanese family, then this kind of tattoo will be a nice Koi fish tattoo sleeve.