Ladybug is an animal creature that has unique characteristics. Many people symbolize it with many things. It is such a small creature that has the meaning of freedom. The wings owned by ladybug are able to bring wherever they like. It means that freedom is in their hand. Besides, it can also have the meaning of a good fortune.

In some cultures, the people believe that ladybug symbolizes or celtic good luck or fortune. They often say that if a ladybug lands on you, then you will get a good fortune. That is why it is such a symbol of fortune. In other cultures also say that once you kill a ladybug, then you will be far away from fortune. So, a ladybug is considered to be as sacred as god. Killing a ladybug is something that must be avoided.

Why women choose the ladybug as tattoo design

Since ladybug tattoo designs become more popular, women start to choose it as their tattoo design. There are many reasons why women are interested in this design. The first reason is because they do not like big size tattoo design. Ladybug is a small creature, so it will be a small tattoo design too. That is why women choose it as their tattoo design.

Since the size is small, the feeling of pain when women get tattooed can be minimized. The tattoo process is also fast and without much pain. It can also be put anywhere on their body. They can choose their favorite part to be put this ladybug tattoo. The most favorite area might be the lower back. Besides, this creature can be modified with some flowers. Ladybug is identical with flowers or leaves, so it will be possible to add those things.

It is no wonder that ladybug becomes the most favorite tattoo design for women. The ladybug’s meanings might represent the characteristics of women. All of them have positive meanings that inspire most women.