Lower back tattoos for girls has many different designs and styles that girls can choose if they want to get tattooed on their lower back. Besides the design of the tattoo, we can say that the placement of the tattoo is the next important aspect to consider when you intend to get tattooed. Lower back actually considered as the sensuous area among other area. That’s why for girls it can support them to get tattooed in this area since it has feminine and stylish quality.

For your information, lower back tattoos have some benefits besides its disadvantages. The benefits are such as it has a wider area to create whatever design that you want. Then the disadvantages are such as the pain of having inked on that area. Then, before choosing the lower back tattoos for girls, you must know about some designs that you can get when you will get lower back tattooed. Well, there will be a lot of variations which you can choose. First is floral tattoo. We can say that girls are close to flowers. That’s why it can be great idea to get floral tattoo on your lower back. For your lower back tattoo design, you can use flowers such as cherry blossoms, rose and dahlia.

Second is bird lower back tattoo. The bird tattoo can bring a meaning such as freedom while work to make a beautiful tattoo design. This design is actually popular which sometimes use bird like swallow and phoenix. Then, the third is butterfly tattoo design. It is really great idea to apply for girls tattoo since butterfly can represent beauty. You can place the butterfly in the middle of your lower back and then give line or something like that in its side. Therefore, the main point is you can just choose freely the idea of lower back tattoos for girls.