The ‘Taijitu’ or more popularly known as Yin Yang symbol is a recognizable Chinese image from The Book of Changes or I Ching. Yin Yang has been used for many years to reflect perpetual state of movement as well as universal balance between the dark and the light. For those who enthusiasts with tattoo typically will use yin yang symbol to express their personal experience with this balance or to explore the circle of life in more individualized way. People typically choose the gentle S curves with smaller inner circles to symbolize interconnectivity of elements. However, Amazing Yin Yang Tattoo Designs provides creative tattooist so many ways to express their vision.



Fish motifs works great in Yin Yang mandala form. You can make a colorful and curving Koi fish. These Amazing Yin Yang Tattoo Designs will create the traditional adjoined S shapes. It can also be created in opposite colors. In addition, the eye area of fish may serve as inner circle. The eye area can be decorated in opposite colors. This colorful rendition would look nice at the back or bellow the back of your neck. This symbol is very suit both for men and for women


Natural Elements

Yin Yang symbol represents interconnectedness and duality. It is a great format for expression of organic or natural elements. For instance, sun and moon motifs may be designed in the circle to show the passage of time. Alternatively, water and fire design can be used to symbolize a good relationship. Animal symbols may illustrate duality of nature or circle of life. For example,  a lion on one side and a rabbit on the other side might represent the brave and gentle character . A bare tree would represent winter. A bare tree on one side with summer on the other side is a good idea. Summer can be represented with green leaf pattern. Summer and winter themes are Amazing Yin Yang Tattoo Designs that will represent the passage of time or symbolize the life and death.