Mexican sugar skull tattoo is one of great tattoo that has deep meaning. Based on Mexican tradition sugar skull tattoo is used as the representation the love for dead person. The design of sugar skull tattoo is really artistic. Moreover, sugar skull tattoo also has a goal to show that skull is not always frightening, but it can also be beautiful with its ornaments. There are some considerations if you want to create sugar skull tattoo on your body, those are about the size, forehead writing, flowers and color. Those of elements has own meaning. In this article, we are going to give you some designs of sugar skull tattoo with its meaning which is symbolized through the design ornaments.

The first design is sugar skull tattoo with diamond forehead. You can design this sugar skull tattoo in small or large size. The size of tattoo represents the age of dead person you love. Small represent baby or child and large one represents adults. The diamond on the forehead is also important that has function to eliminate the empty look. The writing forehead symbolizes the person’s name, but it does not necessary to write the real name. Mexican sugar skull tattoo also must be design with flower. In this tattoo design, you can attach colorful flowers. The flowers symbolize the marigold. It can be design as the backdrop. Marigold has function to commemorate and honor dead people you love. The bright color on the sugar skull tattoo symbolizes the celebration of life. It also has function to remind that the person you love is already placed in peace.

The second design is large sugar skull tattoo with heart writing forehead. The large size symbolizes adult person. This design is designed with blue and pink roses on the upper side and pink heart on the forehead. The eyes are designed like sunflowers with yellow petals and the contacts are design with diamonds, Mexican sugar skull tattoo.