Nick Cannon Mariah Tattoo becomes popular as popular as the news of their divorce. As we know that Nick Canon and Mariah Carey was married at 2008. As a symbol of his love and marriage, they draw the tattoo in his body. The tattoo is about Mariah name. Nick draws the name of Mariah behind his back. It is located in the top of his back under his shoulder and fulfilled almost the part of his shoulder. The tattoo becomes huge news in entertainment world, especially for Hollywood. The factor is Nick Canon and Mariah Carey is one of the famous artists in Hollywood.

But, recently there are rumors that they have gotten into divorce. As the result of the news, Nick Canon covers up the Nick Cannon Mariah Tattoo which is located in his back.  He covers the Mariah name tattoo with the design of crucifix. And yet, Nick adds the ink about two cherubs. The two cherubs itself is representing of his two kids with Mariah Carey. They are Moroccan and Monroe. So, Nick not only inked the tattoo to cover up the Mariah’s name but also cover up the entire part of his back. And, to ink his entire back Nick took a long time. He spent almost 30 hours to cover and draw his back. Not only that, there is script in his tattoo which is said a requirement of forgiveness for their knowledge not forgiveness for their attitude.

Actually, Nick already famous in tattoo world, but his last ink that fulfill his entire back is huge news. Although, people may feel sad because the Mariah tattoo at Nick’s back is no longer exist. But, it is symbolized what Nick truly feels and show his love for his children. And, this is about Nick Cannon Mariah Tattoo.