What does a dolphin represent?

Dolphin is such a cute creature that we are familiar with. Most people, especially kids, love this animal. In fact, dolphin might represent to some things in this world. First, dolphin represents smartness. As we all know dolphin is an animal that is easy to be taught. They are able to do what we ask. Also, it represents sense of fun. A dolphin is able to bring laughter for all people. It can be seen from their cuteness.

When we look at their face, we will feel happy. They are also friendly to the people. As it is friendly, so it represents non-violence. We might compare dolphins to the other sea creatures. Dolphins might be the friendliest creature in the sea. They are friendly to human, so they will not attack us. Last, dolphins represent gentleness. They show their gentleness for all people. Most of us might see they are kissing the kids. It means that they want to show that they are friendly to us.

The reasons why dolphin is chosen as a tattoo design

We might often see that there are plenty of dolphin tattoo designs. Many people, especially women, tend to choose this cute creature as a tattoo design. There are many reasons why this sea creature is chosen as their tattoo design. It is because of the appearance of the dolphin itself. It is such the cutest animal, so people think that it will look great to be chosen as a tattoo design. Besides, it is because of dolphin represents many things. As what is explained above, dolphin represents many things in this world. So, people hope that by choosing it as a tattoo design, those things will represent themselves.

For you who are interested in making dolphin as a tattoo design, you can see many unique designs at a tattoo studio. You can choose a color that represents yourself. Also, your appearance will look different by using dolphin as your tattoo design