Our body can be a canvas for various designs of tattoos and tattoo itself is a personal statement as well as the special identity of someone. Hand, arm, back, leg, and other parts of body can be painted with tattoo designs that come with various categories.

Culture, sexy, zodiac, hobbies, nature, writing, or symbols are only several categories of tattoo designs. One of favorite part of the body to be tattooed is leg and there are many Leg Tattoo Designs that can be chosen to be your leg ornament. Unless doing surgical process to remove, tattoo is permanent since the tattoo ink injected under the skin layer and the ink is long lasting.

Leg seems begin one of favorite part of the body to be tattooed and designs for led tattoo are varied. However, there will be some favorite and popular tattoo designs for leg. Animal-related tattoo design is quite popular. Cute animals, holy animal for some culture, pets, and fantasy animals are several examples for tattoo designs with animal as the theme.

Flowery is favorite theme especially for women as their tattoo designs because flower symbolizes several meaning of femininity and beauty. Cultural symbol of ancient civilization or tribal pattern are also the favorite tattoo design especially when a symbol has deep meaning such as Egyptian symbols.

Other popular tattoo design for leg is writing. The writing can be inspired from famous quotations, meaningful and wise words, anagram, name of loved ones and many more. The writing tattoo designs are usually inspired by words that have special meaning toward somebody.

The writing is usually cursive because it will create the ornament writing and can be added with some other ornaments. Writing tattoo design also can be taken from the name of favorite bands or characters and can be combined with symbols or other images. Not only with common alphabets, letters from other language that has unique shapes such as Kanji, Korean, ancient letters that can be read also become popular tattoo designs.

Although large tattoo and full leg tattoo are popular, but some people choose to have small tattoo on their leg with simple design in order to not too showed off. With various designs that require various colors of inks too, black ink for tattoo design on the leg is still the favorite. There are many black inked tattoo designs that are unique and good as the tattoo ideas. You can find inspirations for tattoo designs on your legs from internet and choose the most favorite one.