Rose Tattoo

Rose has been favourite flower since ages both for men and women. It is a symbol of love, especially when valentine comes. It is a common thing to give red rose or roses in valentine.

There are many meanings for roses. Every color of roses have its own meaning. There are red rose commonly, white rose, yellow rose, pink rose or even blue rose. Every color has different meanings

It is good for you to think what color you will choose before you tattoo your body according to its meaning.

Rose tattoo usually can be integrated with other tattoo design. You can integrate it with name of people you love. Another option you can couple it with heart tattoo. It would be very meaningful, especially for people you love.

Here they are some ideas or designs you can use for your new rose tattoo!Ā Happy reading! šŸ™‚Ā Hope you find what you after inĀ