Simple Henna Tattoos is a traditional tattoo that is usually used by the women in some country such as India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabic, and others South Asia countries. Usually, this tattoo is inked in the hands or the feet of the woman. The women in those countries above often use the tattoo in ceremonial day or in sacred ceremony. For example, it used in wedding ceremony or religious holiday ceremony.  Many people also use this tattoo when they go to work. It is applied for singer, model, or actress. And, now this tattoo becomes popular of the world. In the Bollywood film, Henna is also showed as the part of their culture.

There are some materials to make simple henna tattoos such as powder of Henna, essentials oil, lemon juice, and others. People can make Henna paste at their home. But, it needs a specific skill to draw the tattoo at their body especially at their hands and feet. There are some designs of this type of tattoo. Often, people draw the flower pattern in their hand. It makes the hands become more beautiful. For the simple one, people can draw the sun pattern with some ornament in the design. Also, people in Indonesia can draw some Batik pattern in Henna tattoo. The design is depended of the taste of customer, and of the kind of ceremony is. Different ceremony means different pattern of Henna. Usually, in marriage ceremony the tattoos are used the complex one. The design also depended on the country where the Henna comes from. Arabic henna is different with India Henna tattoo, and so on with other country.

This type of tattoo is one of the traditional cultures that have to keep. Modern inks start to move Henna. But, in various countries, Henna is still a part of their life. So, do you want to draw your hands and feet with simple henna tattoos?