Simple tattoo designs is a design of tattoo that many people prefer to make.  For a long time, people already know about tattoo. From ancient people until the modern people, all of them know about tattoo. And, recently, tattoo becomes the life style of people. There are many design of tattoo, from the simple one until the complex one. Usually, the design of tattoo is inspired by the thing that is available in the world such as animals, plants, house, and etc. But, it also inspired by some motivation words and poetry. And, many people like to write the name of their love.

There are several examples of simple tattoo designs, and for each design it has the specific meaning. For example, tattoo which is inspired by animals. There are some animals that are usually inked as tattoo, such as giraffe, bird, butterfly, and others. Tattoo of Giraffe means the graciousness of someone. Tattoo of bird means the freedom. It is because the bird is an animal that can be freed from one place to another place. Tattoo of butterfly means the reborn of someone to be a better person and better life. Beside of animals, plants also become the most favorite design of the simple one such as rose tattoo. Different color of rose has the difference meaning, such as the red rose means love, and the white one for reminiscence, and others. For women, actually they often use the jewelry as their tattoo. Because, women life cannot be separated from the jewelry such as bracelet, neck, and ring. All of the designs above are the simple one.

Usually, people ink the picture of tattoo based on their feeling. But, as we already know that tattoo is a permanent mark for our body, we have to consider about all thing before decide to ink the tattoo. And for an alternative way to reflect the feeling of the people is simple tattoo designs.