Small simple tattoo ideas become an alternative way for the people in the world who start to ink their body with permanent ink and what we called tattoo. But, as said that tattoo is permanent for human body, so people have to consider before deciding one tattoo. To the beginner this type of tattoo is a good chance. Because, the tattoo is not very large and wide, so it has a chance for the people to not lament it in the future. And, because the design is so simple, it makes the people can modify and choose the best design for their self. The other reason is that this design doesn’t spend too much time because of the simplicity of the design. So, for the people who are so busy, it will be an alternative way.

There are some designs of Small simple tattoo ideas. They are the design of small star, flower like rose or jasmine, moon and sun, chain, and others. The ink can be placed at many part of the body. People usually placed the tattoo at their wrist, hands, feet, ear, stomach, back, and others. But, as we already know, it is a permanent picture, so consult with the doctor first before draw the tattoo whether the tattoo and the place of the tattoo are dangerous or not. Then, people have to look for the tattoo artist who has high professionalism and the tools that is used is safe. Because, there are many case that people get hurt after their tattoo process because the tools which is used is not sterile.

Overall, tattoo becomes the life style all over the world. It is because the tattoo is used by the world artist. And, the fans imitate the life style of their idols.  And, for career people the way to start their tattoo arts by small simple tattoo ideas.