Sugar skull face tattoo is the creative frightening make up which is made in temporary. It can be sued as make up for Halloween. As well as the contemporary tattoo which is applied on the body, sugar skull tattoo on face also must have all of sugar skull tattoo element. To make this tattoo, it can use make up stuff; foundation, eyes shadow, blush and other or it can use face paint color. You have to make sure that the makeup cover all over your face. In this article today, you will know the steps and design to make temporary sugar skull tattoo on your face.

One step you have to do is that make sure that your face is clean and free oil before putting your makeup on. There are two choices whether using white base make up color or natural color of your skin. If you choose white makeup base color, you have to apply super thin white coat and let it dry completely. After all dry, next you can put any colors and ornament on your face. A design you can take for sugar skull face tattoo is sugar skull tattoo with spider web on face. This spider webs are decorated on the forehead and chin with black color as the highlight. The eyes are colored with black and purple and the nose is colored with red as the holes impression. Your mouth must be designed with stitching effect with black color.

To remove the makeup, first thing you have to do is wash your face with warm water and use face facial foam. To make it more clean off, repeat to clean your face with milk cleanser or face tonic. Last step is that wash again your face with cold water. Hose are steps and design you can do to get temporary sugar skull face tattoo.