Sugar skull girl tattoo is one of great design of sugar skull tattoo. It looks really feminine with girl face as the main design idea. The tattoo design will look really gothic with frightening ornament. even it is girl, it does not mean a boy will never design it on his body, but it will have epic design as ever. For some of men who separated with their beloved girl because of death, you can design this tattoo as the celebration of day of death. The celebration is not about something terrible, but this sugar skull tattoo is the symbol of reminder of her. It is the honor and commemorate of her.

To design sugar skull girl tattoo, you can design it resemble with the real girl face of you loved, but design it with skull touch or you can design with skull which is ornamented with girl stuff. Do not forget to complete all of the elements of sugar skull tattoo; size, flower, writing forehead and bright color. You can create your epic sugar skull tattoo. First design you can take as inspiration is epic sugar skull tattoo of girl in blonde hair. The girl with long blonde hair is made up with black color surround the eyes and nose and ornamented with carving style all over the face. On the forehead it is designed with cross symbol. As the backdrop, it is design with red roses. You can design it even big or small based on your need, if the girl is your lover you have to deign it in large size.

The next design is sugar skull tattoo with girl veil. As well as the first design, this design is still similar. The girl with long hair and veil with flower pattern is the main design. The face is carved and the forehead is attached with heart shapes. Those are can be your celebration of day of death with sugar skull girl tattoo.