Sugar skull owl tattoo is just like the new idea to make skull tattoo to be more epic. Sugar skull is originally is designed in festive with its bright color and flower ornament as the backdrop. However, it is not a harm thing if there is another element is touch down on the sugar skull tattoo. One of best idea is adding owl as the backdrop. It will be great combination between skull and owl which will give more artistic or even more frightening. The sharp owl’s eyes will give morbid impression on your body. There you go some design ideas of sugar skull tattoo with owl as the other design ornament.

The first design is black and red sugar skull owl tattoo. This tattoo is the combination of frightening and cute design. The red color is design for the flowers and black as the main color of skull and owl. The owl is leaning on the skull with red flower as the eyes and red flower on the chest area. The skull’s eyes are also designed with red flowers with black color as the highlight. The second design is morbid black and blue owl and sugar skull tattoo. This design shows that the owl is holding the skull with bright blue color and blue wings highlight. The skull is designed with blue eyes with heart eyed contact. The forehead is signed with cross. On the owl forehead, there is a blue diamond to show the festive impression.

The last is super epic owl and skull design. The sugar skull tattoo has owl as the backdrop design, it also means that the owl has skull deign on its chest. The design is really complex with flower petals as the eyes of skull. The forehead is decorated with owl’s feathers which are connected with the owl’s neck. This is also a morbid design which is show the sharpness of owl’s eyes, sugar skull owl tattoo.