Sugar skull tattoo designs are great design to commemorate someone you loved. As well as the meaning of common tattoo which has function to symbolize something and as the media to show the specific message, sugar skull tattoo is also same. Having sugar skull tattoo must have a deep meaning, since this tattoo has own meaning to represent the dead person. Based on the Mexican tradition, having skull tattoo must include some elements and every inch of the tattoo element must be design properly. The elements that must be considered are size, color, writing forehead and flower. If you look for some inspiration of sugar skull tattoo, there you go some designs you can take.

Since sugar skull tattoo is the representation of love for dead person, first thing you have to consider is the size. Do not forget to give flower and color on the backdrop. Forehead also must be filled with writing sign, do not let it empty still. Sugar skull tattoo also allow another element to be attached on it, as long as it has meaning over the tattoo. Sugar skull tattoo designs number one you may like is small sugar skull tattoo with large pink flower. The skull size is made in small size. it means it will represent baby or child. The skull is placed on the center of the flowers, colored in orange with heart sign on the forehead and purple ribbon on the upper side.

The second design is large sugar skull tattoo. It is design in bright yellow, black and green butterfly, red flowers and green leafs. Since the size is large, it will be used to commemorate adult person you loved. The skull is ornamented with carving style. To remove the empty forehead, it is decorated with diamond sign. Those are two inspirations you can take of sugar skull tattoo designs.

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