Sugar skull tattoo meaning is the representation of the integral holiday of Mexican which is called day of the dead or it is familiar as Dia de Muertos in Mexico. During the holiday Mexican decorate the altar for the loved one who already passed away. Moreover, sugar skull decoration is also put as the symbol of beautifulness for the dead body. Every inch of the sugar skull tattoo element has its meaning, ranging from the size, forehead writing, flowers and colors. Let’s check what the exact meaning of sugar skull tattoo is.

Sugar skull tattoo has its own size; small and large. Small size has a meaning to represents the dead children and babies, while for large skull represents the dead of adults. If you want to represent your loved one which is already dead, you need to think about the size. It must represent the age of each person who is commemorated. Sugar skull tattoo meaning of writing forehead is the representation of the name of dead body soul. The writing forehead is not the person’s name, but it can be done with any signs. In this case, do not leave the empty forehead.

Sugar Skull Tattoo Meaning Ideas

If you look around sugar skull tattoo, it is always decorated with flowers. In Mexican tradition, the flower is actually called as marigolds. It has function to commemorate and honor the dead person. The colors of marigold which is mostly used are red and orange. If you love to make sugar skull, this element must be present as the backdrop or framed with marigolds even small or large. Then, sugar skull tattoo also uses bright color. It is not only bright color, but it has deep meaning. The bright color is the symbol of life celebration. It also has meaning that skull is not always morbid. Moreover, it also represent that the dead person you loved is living in the peace and happiness up there, sugar skull tattoo meaning.