Temporary tattoo sleeves can be one nice thing to have if you do not want to feel the pain of being tattooed. For your information, the temporary tattoo is getting more popular in the area where the tattoo is considered as something against the culture. If you are living in that kind of area but you want to have a tattoo, then having the temporary one will surely be a nice thing to have.

For your information, the temporary tattoo comes in two different forms. The first one is using the ink and the second one is using the clothing with a tattoo design for your sleeve. If you are the type who wants to have something distinctive for the tattoo design, then choosing the first one is one thing that you have to do. For the process, it is more alike to the body painting. However, the ink for the temporary tattoo sleeves is different than the one used for body paintings. The ink will usually seep into your skin and will be gone in about two weeks or more. However, you will not need any needle for the process so that you will not feel the pain of being tattooed.

The second thing option is something easier. You just need to buy the clothing for the long sleeve with a tattoo design. After that you can simply wear the sleeve. Unfortunately, you cannot choose the design just like what you really want since the sleeve is limitedly made. However, you can pick some long sleeves so that you can change the tattoo design whenever you want. Those are some options that you can pick for the temporary tattoo. Both of them have their own positive and negative aspects. So, which one of them that you will choose for your temporary tattoo sleeves?