Zen and Yoga Tattoo Ideas – Zen is a sacred symbol for Buddhist that represents the beginning and the ending of life and its circles. Zen tattoo ideas even though it looks so simple but it is not easy to draw this circular tattoo shape. Even the artist of Japanese needs daily to practice in order to gain a perfect circular pattern. Moreover the meaning of this symbol is depth. In Japanese kanji, Zen is called ‘enso’. Unlike other tattoo design ideas, you can not change or add something on the original Zen symbol. Zen symbol is Zen symbol no other creative or innovative addition. Since the beauty and the depth meaning of this tattoo are coming from its simplicity. However, you can find two variations; open circular and close circular Zen tattoo.

Zen and Yoga Tattoo Ideas

Yoga is typical exercise which focusing on the maintenance of inner health and you will find that there are symbols which represents yoga. These symbols are the inspiration of yoga tattoo ideas. Yoga tattoo look so feminine, so that for women who want to wear tattoo in first time or multiple times you can consider this beautiful tattoo. The designs of yoga tattoos are varied. They are lotus flower, Sanskrit’s words that represent “AUM” and “OM”, chakra symbols, hamsa symbols and word like Namaste or breath. For the words like Namaste and breath you freely to translate it into Sanskrit’s words to make them more unique.