Traditional tattoo sleeve is something that many people have nowadays. This kind of tattoo is not only owned by the majority of men, but also the women. There are a lot of reasons for having this kind of tattoo, but among all of the reasons, the aesthetic reason is the most common reason. Therefore, if you want to have this kind of tattoo, you might want to pick something that will attract people’s attention, and you can do this simply by choosing the best filler.

The animals are one type of filler that you can try for this kind of tattoo. Many people are choosing the animals design for the filler to make their tattoo looks better. However, all of those people having the animal filler are also adding some scratched to add the aesthetic aspect to their tattoo. Filler that you can try for your traditional tattoo sleeve is the plants. The plants here mean all of the things starting from the vine, the leaf, and also the flower. For example, you can get the rose filler with some vines rounding your sleeve with the addition of the thorns that become the symbol of pain on the red rose.

Traditional Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

For your information, there are a lot of fillers that you can have for this kind of tattoo. However, those two above are considerably the most common filler for this kind of tattoo. If you are looking for something that can attract people’s attention, then you might want to simply use some different filler so that you can have a more attractive sleeve tattoo. Roses, stars, vines, and also a photo of a person can be a nice combination for your tattoo. You have to try any of them to find out the best filler for your traditional tattoo sleeve.