Video Game and Vegas Tattoo Ideas – Whether you are a hardcore fan of certain games or not, having video game tattoo ideas applied on your body can be an amazing thing to do. While the picture can represent the relation between you and the game since you are a huge gamer, the unique and playful concept portrayed by the sketch can generally display that you are actually a really fun and easy-going person. The idea is ranging in option; you can implement it through a tattoo of the tiny part of the game or something that you find very attractive to be stuffed in skin. Check out our gallery for inspirations!

Video Game and Vegas Tattoo Ideas

We all know that Vegas are the home of all entertainment. If you are going to Vegas, you might want to try the temporary Vegas tattoo ideas. This kind of tattoo will only last for about a month after the tattoo has been applied. Therefore, the tattoo will be gone after you leave Vegas. For the design, you have to choose something with the Vegas written on the design of your tattoo. You have to remember that you will go to Vegas, so it might be wise to put some respects to the main city of world’s entertainment. You really have to try it.