Watercolor Tattoo

What is this? Yes it is literally like it sounds. It is an implementation of watercolour painting onto your skin. Tattoo has developed since ages to ages and watercolor is one of the most recent style out there.

Watercolor tattoo looks like a painting on canvas, in fact it is depicted on your skin. It is a combination watercolour painting and tattooing.

This kind of style is still using same technique and tools like other styles. Point of difference of this style is how the artist approach or apply this style to your body. Generally speaking, there is no line or shape within the designs as you can see in the gallery below. It is just a free style that a bit out of line from “traditional” tattoo.

However that could be your concern since there is no real pattern with this style. There may be spot or area where ink would be fade faster than other spot or area. Another thing is you’d need to touch up asap since there is no form with the tattoo. It could make touch up would be harder.

Even with its pros and cons, watercolor tattoo is still beautiful body art. If you feel like it, just think it wisely and choose your tattoo artist carefully before you put it onto your body.

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